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Death, la Morte, the final frontier. Tear Drop Memories . Com is devoted to exploring the myriad of mourning mementos and mysteries. Fine funeral fancies, exit strategies and vintage tangible aids to the grieving process abound. Rare cemetery memorial ornaments, antiquarian books and photographic images post mortem, and just plain bizarre mortuary collectibles grace our not so solemn web site. Delicate memento mori jewelry, celebrate past lives lost.

Often the butt of jokes, The Big Sleep holds many in deep fascination. We both fear and venerate the dead since the beginning of time.  Whistle when strolling a grave yard at midnight? That truly is black comedy. Some obsess on senseless tragedy and the arbitrary fall of the grim reapers sickle. Yet, is there comfort found in deaths finality, in knowing its certain outcome. We know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

Laid to rest.  At Peace?  We wake, we mourn, though rarely gain insight.  We try to cheat death via miracle and medicine.  With vigor, we play beat the clock, truly the ultimate game. Such valiant competitors are we. Yet all heroics fail.  A dirt nap awaits.

TearDropMemories investigates the nuances and rituals of the lost; the fallen loved and long remembered. We delve deeply into the history, mystery and deep symbolism often hinted at by these artisan created memories. Treasures buried,  reflections,   the essence  of long ago is offered here.

  Historical, significant, certainly compelling, our inventory is always changing. Fresh stock, new blood added frequently. Movie Studio Prop masters, our shop offers fine terms on caskets, coffins and meaningful memorabilia.  We invite your questions, offers and phone calls.

Hesitant to purchase on line? We were too. (at first!) Internet sales on the World Wide Web are EASY, SAFE, FAST & FUN. Please email or Telephone call us any time and we will gladly walk you through the process

Good Old Fashioned LynchingGuten Tag, Nameste', Merhaba, God Dag, Konnichi Wa, Shalom, G'Day, Ni Hao, Ahalan Wa Salen, Jambo, Ciao, Hola, Zdravstvuite, ... Howdy !

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